The Stone Tapestry

Due East performs The Stone Tapestry at Chicago’s Constellation, with members of Third Coast Percussion and others, in celebration of the CD release of The Stone Tapestry on New Focus Records. 8:30 PM

Patti Cudd CD Release concert December 2

Patti Cudd performs Ancient Caves at her CD release concert, celebrating the release of EOS, which is coming out on Innova Records. Studio Z St Paul, MN December 2 7:30 PM

Ancient Caves release on EOS, by Patti Cudd

Patti Cudd releases EOS, a 3-CD collection of works spanning a career of works that she has commissioned and championed. I composed Ancient Caves for her in 2011. The disc is being released in March 2017 on Innova Records. Patti…

Performance of Reimagining the Viridescent Past for solo piano as part of the Arts Now series at North Carolina State University North Carolina State University Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre November 15, 2016 7 PM

Electroacoustic Barn Dance University of Mary Washington November 11, 2016 7:30 PM Performance by Ben Willis and Trevor Saint of Trio Variations, for contrabass and glockenspiel November 12, 2016 11:30 PM 20-minute set by Bell Monks, featuring music from our…

Sam Houston State Percussion ensemble performs Luminous Stones and Draping the Walls with Ice, from The Stone Tapestry, as part of their Sticks and Stones concert Sam Houston State University November 3 7:30 PM

performance of After Time: A Resolution, for violin and electronics, at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival October 15, 1:30 PM Lewis University performance by Sarah Plum

Brocades + Palimpsests

Released on Clang Records: August 19 Bell Monks wrote a series of 14 short, quiet tunes for guitar and Rhodes in spring 2012 to perform at an art opening in Milwaukee. After recording the tracks later that year, they…

Zeca Lacerda performs For Little Canary, for percussion and electronics. Patagonia Percussion Festival, Argentina, July 1, 2016 University Federal de Mato Grosso, Brazil, Jun 23, 2016 University Federal de Mato Grosso, Brazil, Jun 16, 2016

Grand Valley State New Music Ensemble National Parks Tour

I am excited to be part of the Grand Valley State New Music Ensemble National Parks Tour this summer. I’ll be at the Grand Teton concerts and likely at least one of the Yellowstone events as well. • July 1…