Sonict Duo

Sonict Duo

SONICT formed in 2005 with a goal of sonic exploration in new media and aesthetic style. The Sonict New Music Ensemble brings together UW-Whitewater faculty and students, along with guest artists, to create music of the highest performative, intellectual, and emotional caliber. To this end, the ensemble remains open to working in any media or forum, with the hope of encouraging active participation in the creative process for students, faculty, visiting artists, and the surrounding community.

Highlights from previous seasons include a fully-staged performances of Matthew Burtner’s The Winter Raven and my work The Stone Tapestry; showcase concerts of the work of composers James Romig, Brooke Joyce, Christopher Adler, Cort Lippe, and George Crumb; wide-ranging guest artist performances by the Fair Use Trio, percussionists Greg Beyer, Patti Cudd, Nick Fox, Trevor Saint, and Zeca Lacerda, the Ancia Saxophone Quartet, the Electronic Hammer trio, Bent Frequency Duo, pianists Jeri-Mae Astolfi and Ashlee Mack, and many others; and many pieces drawn from our ongoing call for scores.

The professional, outreach arm of Sonict is the Sonict Duo, featuring Matt Sintchak, and Jeff Herriott, in concerts for saxophone, electronics, and video. The duo has performed on concerts and festivals around the US and held residencies at various universities including Eastman, UMKC, Lawrence University, University at Buffalo, and Iowa State University, among others.


POP UP (2012) - saxophone, interactive video, and electronic performer
with video by Anna Weisling
duration: 18 minutes
X-Y-Z (2011) - saxophone and electronic performer, with film
accompanies film by Hans Richter and Walter Ruttmann
duration: 20 minutes
ELY SUITE: SUNLIGHT PRIES BENEATH THE ICE (2010) - saxophone, video, and electronic performer
video by Eric Allin, Jeff Herriott, and Heidi E. Johnson
duration: 22 minutes
SLEEPWALKS REVISITED (2010) - saxophone, video, and electronic performer
video by Eric Allin, Heidi E. Johnson, and Jim Vannes
duration: 30 minutes
• THE JAR, 6 minutes
• PAINT THE NIGHT SKY, 3:30 (fixed video and audio)
• SLOW BURN, 3:30 (fixed video and audio)
DIRECT IN (2009) - saxophone, video, and electronic performer
video by byting/no biting (JT Rinker and Carolyn Tennant)
duration: 4:30
All works co-composed with Matt Sintchak