With Film, Video, Dance, etc.

still image from Barn Work

still image from Alone_02

ALONE_02 (2023) - video (Motion Capture, Music)
movement, MOCAP, and video: A. Bill Miller
music: Jeff Herriott
THE SPIRIT OF THE FOREST (2019) - video (3D modeling, Motion Capture, Music, Dance)
modeling: Xiaohong Zhang
MOCAP and animation: A. Bill Miller
music: Jeff Herriott
dance and choreography: Ying Xu
A SCRAPE IN THE LIQUID (2010) - guitar, interactive video, and electronic performer
co-composed with Eric Sheffield, video by Anna Weisling
duration: 12-14 minutes
FINE LINES TWO (2009) - electronic sounds for dance
curated by Barbara Grubel, co-composed with Eric Sheffield
duration: 9 minutes
COLORED: ROSA PARKS AND THE DEMISE OF JIM CROW (2008) - intermedia artwork
An interactive exploration of the words of Rosa Parks as printed on posters by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. with audio composed by Jeff Herriott. Written and produced by Elena Bertozzi, graphic design by Celina Lambert, poster photography by Gregg Theune. Voices by Debra Harris and John Oliver.
duration: variable
BARN WORK (2006-7) - saxophone, live electronics, and video (or for video playback alone)
collaboration with video artist, Heidi E. Johnson
duration: 10 minutes
score sample • video
GROUND WORK (2005) - video
collaboration with video artist Heidi E. Johnson
duration: 7 minutes